La Yegros - Sortie nouvel album « Suelta »

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La Yegros - Sortie nouvel album « Suelta »

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The march 22nd, the nu-cumbia’s queen will be back with a third album named « Suelta ».
The reputation of her generosity, which has travelled across the world, precedes her so loudly that we can sometimes forget to pay attention to her music, and the prowess that characterises her. And yet, with her third album La Yegros still manages, with increased ambition, the tour de force already achieved with Viene de Mi (Parlophone, 2013) and Magnetismo (Soundway, 2016).
But with the first song « Sube la presion » La Yegros attract us and promises an rich and colored album.
Suelta, which can be understood as an invitation to let loose, accelerates the fusion of the various musical genres that make up her personality and musical identity. To make you wait, you can already pre-order this album just here !

With each new album from La Yegros comes the promise of incredible live concerts, all of which are a challenge thrown at those who do not have dancing feet. So if you want to dance, come to see her :

28.03 P- Lisbon/ Lisbon Music Week
29.03 F- Marseille/ Nuits Zébrées Radio Nova 
30.03 E- Granada/ Plantabaja
31.03 E- Madrid/ Sala Mon
02.04 E- Barcelona/ Apolo 1
03.04 E- San Sebastián/ Sala Dabadaba
04.04 E- Bilbao/ Stage Live
05.04 E- Vitoria/ Sala Kubik
10.04 F- Cenon/ Le Rocher de Palmer
11.04 F- Pau/ La Centrifugeuse
12.04 F- Foix/ L’Estive
13.04 F- Toulouse/ Pink Paradise
14.04 F- Nîmes/ Paloma
18.04 F- Lyon/ Le Transbordeur
19.04 F- Annecy/ Le Brice Glace
21.04 CH- Geneva/ Usine PTR
23.04 F- Paris/ La Cigale
25.04 F- Reims/ La Cartonnerie
26.04 UK- London (TBA)
27.04 D- Kassel/ Weltmusikfestival
02.05 B- Brussels/ AB
10.05 I- Torino/ Off Topic
11.05 I- Firenze/ Circolo Buh
17.05 KR- Seoul/ Seoul Music Week
18.05 KR- Seoul/ Seoul Music Week
19.05 KR- Seoul/ Seoul Music Week

And for all the lateset news follow her on social network ! ... icEYJmevGw